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Wanted: Your participation, ideas, and talents

The Rogers Park Food Co-op is a true community effort. We are depending on neighbors like you who are passionate about community (and food) to help us organize and plan the store. Have fun, make new friends, get recognition, and show your pride in Rogers Park! Community involvement is critical to moving this project forward.

Get involved!Becoming an owner of the Rogers Park Food Co-op is much more than a financial investment; it’s an investment in the health, sustainability, and economic vitality of our community. Becoming an owner is a critical way to assure the success of the Co-op.

There are countless other opportunities to make your mark: Join a committee, host a coffee, distribute flyers, pitch in at one of our events, or participate in some other way. Use our Become a Volunteer page to tell us how you want to get involved. Or, you can download our Mobile App.

Finally, the simplest way to help is to spread the word about the Co-op and encourage others to get involved.

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