Make a Splash, Join the 30 Owner Dash


We are happy to report our September campaign, “Make a Splash, Join The 30 Owner Dash” is off to a good start!  In order to keep the momentum going 30 new owners in 30 days please join us in spreading the word. By doing so, your name will be entered for each new owner that YOU REFER. Each new owner that signs up in September will be entered into both a weekly prize drawing and the monthly drawing of a one pound delivery of fresh, never-frozen, sustainably caught fish from local business Hooked on Fish and Co-op Owner Karen Wollins #124.  In the words of Owner Karen Wollins, “from the boat to your table”. Thank you Karen.
One Time Lifetime fee of $250 per household, and we offer payment plans for as little as $25 a month.


An easy way to share your vision with friends, family, and coworkers is to invite them to a small group gathering. These get togethers can be as small as 5 people for coffee, cocktails, brunch, or anything you can think of. The Coop can provide materials such as beverages, chocolate, compostable tableware and even make a short presentation and Q&A Session.

If you would like to get a small group together or would like some ideas in organizing one, please contact us at [email protected]



Thank you for investing in the vision of bringing a food co-operative to the Rogers Park Community it's time for us to reach our 200 owner goal and conduct the Market and Feasibility Study. From that, we will learn about the potential size of the store, area demographics, the optimal location for the store, and where there is the greatest need.



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