Hello From the Rogers Park Food Co-op! August 2016


Rogers Park Food Co-op


Rogers Park Food Co-op


An innovative grocery co-op, providing better food choices and education to our community.

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Ownership Update

162 Owners!


Welcome to new owners Gina Carpenter (Owner 146), Sue Lannin & Albert Ettinger (Owner 147), John McElwee (Owner 148), Mary O'Connell (Owner 149), Ann Nichols (Owner 150), Marilyn Mikell & Tony Mikell (Owner 151), Alex Narrajos (Owner 152), Mitchell Duval & Amanda Enyeart (Owner 153), Eve Brownstone (Owner 154), Dan Sullivan (Owner 155), Tyne Morell-Wilson (Owner 156), Shawn Belschwender (Owner 157), Deborah Foster-Bonner & Cynthia L Foster (Owner 158), Daniel Lorsch (Owner 159), Miles Faciane (Owner 160), Aviva Sherman (Owner 161) and Devo Segal (Owner 162)!

Missing a Household Owner?  Email:
[email protected]

Once we have 200 Owners, we can commision our market and feasibility studies and move into the next stage of development! Don't wait; become an owner today!

Don't forget to like us of Facebook! Be sure to invite your friends to like us as well!


We're very happy to support another healthy food option in Rogers Park!

-Nathan and Maria Wagners, owners #23




August Recap


Rogers Pork

Rogers Pork

For the second year in a row, the Rogers Park Food Co-op participated in the Rogers Pork festival in Jarvis Square. This year's festival was the largest one yet, with over 40 artists and vendors and two stages of live music.

The Rogers Park Food Co-op collected two backpacks full of school supplies to donate to Gale Academy and Kilmer Elementary schools. We also filmed our first live video broadcast on Facebook (check it out here)!. We will be broadcasting more live videos very soon, so be sure to follow us on Facebook to catch the videos live!


Cocktails and Conversation about the Co-op!

By Shelby Hatch, Owner# 34

On Sunday, August 8, inspired by my attendance at the "Illinois Food Co-op Startup Day", Ann-Louise Haak and I hosted an event on our porch to discuss ideas about how to reach a broader cross-section of the Rogers Park and surrounding neighborhoods. There were twelve of us in attendance, including RPFC Board President Roux Nolan, other board members, volunteers, and not-yet members, including one who showed up with his dog as he was walking by and saw our yard sign advertising the event!

The major momentum generated centered around broadening our base by going to events hosted by other groups; e.g., becoming a co-sponsor of a cultural event or presenting at a coffee hour after a religious service. Let me know if you're a member of an organization that might be interested in such a partnership with RPFC. We also discussed holding "pop-up" markets in various places in Rogers Park and/or West Ridge to increase our visibility. Do you know of a venue that might be appropriate? Please contact me at [email protected] to help put these ideas into action!


Upcoming Events


When: Saturday, September 10th 1pm - 10 pm
Where: 1815 W Farwell

Shelby Hatch, owner #34, visited the Co-op at an event 18 months ago, and signed up on the spot. Since then her passion for the Co-op has grown, and now she and her partner Ann-Louise are intimately involved in shaping the Co-op’s internal dynamics and group cohesion. It started with her reluctantly taking a three-hour road trip with Hank Rouse (owner #71) -whom she barely knew at the time- to the Illinois Food Co-op Start-Up Day during a sunny Saturday in July. That’s where her spark was ignited. She was stirred by the fact that some co-ops have more members than ours, even though we’ve been at this longer.

Then, she hosted a Cocktails and Conversation brainstorming session at her East Rogers Park Victorian. Attendees, sipped a fantastic gin punch on the wrap-around porch. (We promise it didn’t impact the quality of our ideas.) It was another beautiful, sunny day. Are you sensing a theme here? Now, Shelby and Ann-Louise will be hosting a Yard Sign Painting Party & Potluck on September 10th using repurposed political yard placards. Shelby and Ann-Louise are so creative and fired up, and we are glad to have them as co-owners. Visit the Facebook page to sign up for the event.

For more information, please visit our Facebook event page or email [email protected]


Make a Splash, Join the 30 Owner dash!

30 Owner Dash

We made it through summer vacation, and children are going back to school. In the midst of your running around, there is one more assignment for you to add on to all of the others. Make a Splash, Join the 30 Owner Dash!

It’s time for us to reach our 200 owners goal. Let’s not forget, that is when we will be able to do the Market and Feasibility Study. From that, we will learn about the potential size of the store, area demographics, the optimal location for a store, and where there is the greatest need.

Facebook will be home-base for the 30 Owner Dash. Visit us at facebook.com/RogersParkFood to track the daily progress of our campaign.

In case you are wondering why we’re calling the campaign "Join the 30 Owner Dash!", it is because for 30 days every New Owner that signs up will be entered into a drawing to win a two-pound delivery of sustainably caught fish from Hooked on Fish. Not only that, but because we appreciate the 162 owners we currently have, you will also be entered into the drawing for each new owner that YOU REFER!

Owner #124, Karen Wollins, has so generously donated fish deliveries from her company Hooked on Fish. This is an amazing opportunity to really experience fresh fish, as Karen says, "from the boat to your table". Thank you, Karen!

Household ownership is a one time payment of $250 or installment payments of $50 per month for 5 months or $25 per month for 10 months.

Joining the co-op is easy at www.rpfc.coop


Farmer's Markets

Farmers Market

It's the most wonderful time of the year! Outdoor Farmers Market Season!

Look for the Rogers Park Food Co-op outside of the Glenwood Sunday Market, or at a tent in the Loyola Monday Farmers Market,.  Volunteers will be there to talk shop about the Co-op, answer questions, receive feedback about your wants and needs and what we will provide to the community at large.

For updated information about when the Co-op will be attending the farmers markets, please visit our Facebook Page.

Want to help the Co-op while spending time outside?
Sign up to Volunteer at the Farmers Markets!


Host Your Own "Coffee with the Co-op"


The Rogers Park Food Co-op needs the help of all of our supporters to reach our goals. Hosting a meeting in your home is a great way to generate interest in the co-op vision!

Your event doesn't even need to include coffee! You could host a wine and cheese tasting, or a pot-luck

The Rogers Park Food Co-op will provide you with informational materials, as well as coffee from Equal Exchange. A member of the Co-op Board will assist as a presenter as well.

Coffee Mug

Volunteers Needed!


Are you looking for a great way to support the Rogers Park Food Co-op? We need your help!

The success of Rogers Park Food Co-op depends on generous Volunteers to move the Co-op forward.  Are you a designer?  Great at data-entry?  Love talking to people?  We need your skills!

Build your resume by contributing your talents and skills and developing some new ones. Become part of the developing community of people who are building the co-op.

Meet and engage with your neighbors to create an amazing food co-operative in our community. Learn about food, the food system and the local food system we are creating by partnering with our local farmers. Have fun while doing all of this amazing work.

Want to help? Visit http://volunteer-rogersparkfoodcoop.nationbuilder.com/become_a_volunteer.



Committee Spotlight

Communications Committee: Social Media

Social Media

The Social Media Team, part of the Communications Team, uses social media to inspire both the Rogers Park and national communities to join the fresh food conversation. The team educates our audience on fresh food, sustainability, and healthy eating. They also spotlight our local Rogers Park farmers and food artisans who are devoted to sustainability and a local food chain.

We have a presence on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Nextdoor, and YouTube. As a Social Media Guru, you will work as a Team or take charge of one of these platforms. You would also work with a team leader who will keep you updated on the Co-op’s plans and strategy to ensure that social media messaging is appropriately syndicated. If you are a Social Media Guru and like the idea of working in the background supporting others, giving future visitors a favorable impression of the Co-op, and even influencing others’ decisions, then join the Social Media Team.

Join a Committee here: http://volunteer-rogersparkfoodcoop.nationbuilder.com/join_a_committee


Thank You to Supporting Businesses




While a lot of people go to West Rogers Park for Indian food, you can also get it in East Roger Park at Luzzat, 1505 W. Jarvis, right next to the Jarvis "El". Reviews use descriptions like “humble,” “unfussy,” and “simple” to describe the ambience and décor, but they say things like “excellent,” “flavorful,” and “authentic” to describe the food. It's the classic hole-in-the-wall restaurant with outstanding food. They also Donated a lot of their terrific food to the Co-op's 2016 Annual Meeting in March. We are still very grateful!

Growling Rabbit

Grownling Rabbit

Growling Rabbit, currently at 6981 N. Sheridan Rd, moving soon to 5838-40 N. Broadway, is a great restaurant partner for a food co-op. They are committed to using local and seasonal ingredients on their menu, just as the co-op will stock local and seasonal ingredients. They are committed to their community, as evidenced by their Donation of a giant sheet cake to the Co-op's Annual Meeting and hosted the Sitka Salmon Cooking Demonstration in February. While they will be moving to Edgewater later this year, they will always be a part of the Rogers Park community.



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