Matt Wechsler 2019

Matt Wechsler

Matt Wechsler
Board Member
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Matt believes that the co-op is entering a unique phase where maintaining focus on the mission statement is critical. The areas of ethical food production and social justice are particularly important to Matt and have been the topics of his last two films as a documentarian. His first film, Sustainable, explored the dichotomy between small sustainable farms and the industrialized food system. His most recent film, Right to Harm, exposes the public health impact of factory farming on rural communities. Matt believes that this social justice issue is completely disregarded at the grocery store level, but that doesn’t have to be the case.

Aside from Matt’s passion to expose issues related to our food system, he is an avid gardener. His family’s tiny 25x150 lot in Evanston includes a 500 square foot garden where Matt and his wife grow over 75 varieties of edible plants.

Through his work making films, Matt has worked closely with numerous non-profits: Slow Foods, Socially Responsible Agricultural Project, ASPCA, Grace Communications, Resource Media, One Earth Film Festival, Food and Water Watch, Spence Farm Foundation, Family Farmed and Frontera Farmers Foundation. He also participated in Key Club in high school and Alpha Phi Omega in college- community service organizations. There is alignment and crossover between the groups Matt has worked with and the work he will do on the Board of the Rogers Park Food Co-op.

Matt has a wealth of experience working collaboratively and working in team environments. He brings leadership, creativity, solution-based thinking and expert communication skills to his work on the Board of the Rogers Park Food Co-op.

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