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On my profile you display in the short bio field: "Arrested for non-violent protest against the Keystone XL pipeline, Chicago, 6/17/2013." While I'm proud of this accomplishment and have no problem with your displaying it, I would like to know what your source was for this data. It feels creepy -- an invasion of privacy, which, of course, we no longer have -- to see something I wrote years ago, probably on Facebook or Twitter, show up here. Jim Ridker

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Hi Jim, 

Thank you for the question. 

Your patience was appreciated on this question, it did take a little research. It looks like when you signed up for the account it, was linked through Facebook or Twitter. The Bio was auto-filled with your information from the platform that you signed up from. You are welcome to change the bio under your profile- we are able to do this as well. Let us know if you need any help with updating!

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