Brooke Langton 2019

Brooke Langton
Brooke Langton
Board Member
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Brooke has been working with the Co- Op on the Community Engagement and Social Media Team as well as volunteering for about 2 years. She loves our mission and thinks that she would be able to bring a lot of what she has learned from these experiences as well as her grocery background to the Board.

Brooke’s passion is the Natural Product Community. she worked in Natural Grocers for nearly a decade, she held many positions from Apothecary Buyer to Florist. She has supported store openings in both Michigan and Illinois. She was able to make many lasting relationships with colleagues and suppliers that she can now call friends in this process.

Brooke is constantly trying new products, researching new trends and keeping up with what is going on in the local community. She is specifically interested in the Social Justice stance that is largely taken within the industry, which she thinks is supported in the work that the RPFC does.

Largely, Brooke’s volunteer work has been through the Rogers Park Food Co- Op with Community Engagement and Social Media Teams. In her professional life, she has been involved with Corporate Social Responsibility and Employee Advocacy Teams. She has assisted in curating an empowerment Instagram called Lady Pit Hair. She worked briefly with Food Not Bombs in Pilsen. She has also been involved with Girl Scouts USA and a Therapeutic Riding Stable called Pretty Pony Pastures. Brooke credits a lot of her work ethic to Girl Scouts, preparing her for leadership roles within the volunteer sector from an early age. Working with larger businesses has also inspired her to take on the role as a Board member of the Rogers Park Food Co-op. She has been able to engage with a diverse group of colleagues on social impacts made as an organization. When assisting in opening the Detroit Grocer, Brooke was a part of another suburban location. She attended Town Halls with Residents, participated in Community Outreach and trained folks that were 85% within the community with limited Natural Food knowledge to prepare for opening. She worked overtime for about 6 months while the store grew faster than anyone had anticipated. She held training on products; ethics, practices and procedures within the Natural Food Industry. Her role was largely receiving new- hires to train due to need, while operating an over performing store. 

Brooke’s involvement with Corporate Social Responsibility has challenged her to come up with more conscious solutions for operating a business with social responsibilities in mind. Her engagement with a diverse group of colleagues on social impacts made as an organization, her relationship building skills in addition to her volunteer work with the RPFC has ultimately prepared her for her role on the Rogers Park Board of Directors.

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